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Galvanized Iron Shackle
We provide heavy-duty galvanized iron shackles that are narrow shackles shaped like a loop of chain. They are available with a pin or threaded pin closure to provide the bets results for years to come.
High-carbon steel wire

High Carbon Steel Wire
Our company provides heavy-duty, high-carbon steel wire manufactured using quality wire rods with high carbon content. They are widely used in the automobile, construction, and engineering industries to ensure unmatched performance for years to come. They are designed using world-class patented heat treatment processes to ensure high-tensile strength.
Industrial  Lifting Chains

We provide heavy-duty industrial lifting chains to lift heavy loads in industrial settings. They are widely used in different domains, such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Due to their durable construction, they ensure enhanced durability, strength, and resistance to abrasion and cutting.

Sheave Block
We provide high-grade sheave blocks for meeting the demands of shipping, mining, general engineering, agro, etc. They are designed using heavy-duty raw materials to ensure high durability and sturdiness. We can provide these blocks in 75- to 150-mm sheave diameters.
Lifting Hook
We offer durable and hard-wearing lifting hooks for efficient and easy grabbing and lifting loads. They are well-equipped with a safety latch for preventing the disengagement of the lifting wire rope sling. They are provided in different sizes and dimensions to cater to the varied needs of the clients.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle
Our company designs heavy-duty stainless steel turnbuckles using high-quality raw materials to ensure strong load-bearing capacity. They are available in sturdy designs, offering strong tensile strength, unmatched performance, and waterproof designs.
Fishing Rope
We provide hard-wearing fishing ropes that are designed to withstand the rigors of fishing. They can easily withstand the adverse effects of debris and the rough surface of a boat. They are abrasion-resistant by nature, reducing the chances of breaking during fishing activities.
Chain Connector
We provide hard-wearing chain connectors for connecting chains safely and effectively. They are designed to provide the best solutions for linking chains for different applications, needs, and industries.
Wire Rope
Our company delivers high-grade wire ropes, designed using heavy-duty metal strands after twisting and wounding. They are available in the shape of a helix for supporting and lifting heavy loads. They can be attached to swivels, shackles, or hooks for lifting loads in an efficient way.
Wire Rope Thimble
We provide heavy-duty wire rope thimbles to offer excellent protection against surface abrasion of wire ropes. They are available in high-grade mild steel with a galvanized finish to ensure excellent corrosion resistance. They are suitable for wire ropes of 8 mm for lifting objects.

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